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Lime Rock Historics 3: Alfa Romeo

Lime Rock this year was a great event for fans of the classic Alfa Romeo marque.

Two amazing prewar Alfa racers dominated the pre-1940 class in the races I saw.  The eldest was this 1932 Alfa P2B owned by collector Peter Giddings.

It was edged out in the racing by Peter Greenfield’s 1935 Alfa 8C. Both owners ran their cars for real, and didn’t give many of the other participants in this class, most of whom were running cars with smaller engines, much of an opening. The Ferrari badges worn on both cars reflect the fact that Enzo Ferrari started as a racing team operator/driver before he began building his own cars.

Here are some beautiful Alfas from 1959 and 1960. I believe these cars are all Giulietta models.



Lime Rock Historics 2: Ferrari

Some of the beautiful Ferraris at this month’s Lime Rock historic  races.

Magnificent 1958 250 Testarossa.

From the same garage in New York, the rare 1959 250 Inter.

Although this looks like a 250 GTO, considered the greatest of all Ferraris, I was told it was a different 250-series Ferrari converted with a GTO style body.

On the other hand, this 275 GTB was the real thing.

This was listed as a “1982 308/288 GTO” in the program.  I believe it is a 308 converted to a GTO replica.

Lime Rock Historics 1: Mercedes Race Cars

This is the first in a series of posts about the 2015 Lime Rock Historic Festival in Connecticut.  This year the featured cars were vintage Mercedes competition cars.  Here are some of the featured machines.

Three Mercedes racers which came to be known as the Brooklands after their victories at Brooklands race track in Surrey, England, were built.  This is the sole survivor, built in 1908.

This 1914 Mercedes Grand Prix car raced in the French Grand Prix in 1914, in which it and its sister cars placed 1-2-3.  It is still running 101 years later.  The guy in the left seat is the great driver Stirling Moss, guest of honor at the 2015 festival.

Another great driver, Jochen Mass, wrung out the wonderful 1933 Mercedes W 154 Silver Arrow at high speed in some demonstration laps.

A clear descendant of the Silver Arrow was the 1955 Mercedes W 196 Formula One car.

Finally, perhaps the greatest Mercedes race car, driven to victory by Stirling Moss in the 1955 Mille Miglia (Thousand Mile) race in Italy, the 300 SLR.  Owned today by the Mercedes-Benz company museum.