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Fifty Monocoupes and a Monoprep

On a recent trip to Moline, Illinois, birthplace of the Velie Monocoupe, I learned a lot about Monocoupe history and airplanes and decided to build out the Monocoupe pages on this site.  Check out the galleries of about 50 Monocoupe airplanes plus a Monoprep, the predecessor of the Monocoupe which first attracted Velie’s attention in 1927.

All Monocoupes were attractive airplanes noted for their efficient use of horsepower, whether that horsepower happened to be a little or a lot.  The low-powered Monocoupes were a great deal in a personal recreational airplane, and the high-powered ones were successful racing contenders in their engine classes.  The peak of the line in power and sex appeal, the 110 Special, looks almost like a caricature of a racing airplane with its huge engine and tiny tail.  It looks like it would be almost impossible to fly, and that seems to be borne out by its atrocious accident history, even in the hands of very capable pilots.  I was surprised to find how few of the “preserved” 110 Specials are actually replicas built up from paperwork or conversions of tamer Monocoupes.