Alexander Aircraft Co.

The Alexander Film Company, then the United States’ leading supplier of motion picture advertising for theaters, started its own airplane company in 1925 to support its operations in Englewood, Colorado.  It hired designer Al Mooney, who created a compact 3-seat biplane that experienced great success for the time, being built in numbers of 893 aircraft – enough to make Alexander briefly the largest airplane producer in the world.  These proved adaptable to many different engines and were popular with barnstormers, crop dusters and anyone who needed a reliable small utility aircraft.  The company persisted until 1932, having designed three further types, none of which was built in numbers of more than 15.

Several Eaglerocks have been preserved, with at least a few still airworthy.

Eaglerock NC4648

This 1928 Eaglerock is part of the Museum of Flight collection but is displayed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport.  It is located near the ticketing area and does not require entry into the secure part of the terminal to be viewed.

Eaglerock A-14 NC205Y

NC205Y is a 1930 Eaglerock preserved in the west wing of Concourse B of Denver International Airport.