Avro Canada

Avro Canada was an offshoot of the National Steel Car Co., a railroad car manufacturer in Hamilton, Ontario.  It began manufacturing British military aircraft under license early in World War II, and its name was changed to Victory Aircraft Limited in 1942 as it tooled up for production of Avro Lancaster bombers, Canada’s largest and most complex aircraft to that point in history.  After the war, Hawker Siddeley purchased Victory and named it A.V. Roe Canada, Ltd.  In the 1950s, Avro Canada developed complete airplane and jet engine design and manufacturing facilities, producing several advanced aircraft.  Unfortunately, for economic and political reasons, only one of its designs, the CF-100 all-weather fighter, was to see quantity production.  In 1962, after the abandonment of the CF-105 fighter and Orenda Iroquois engine programs, Hawker Siddeley dissolved the company. 

CF-100 Canuck

CF-105 Arrow

VZ-9AV Avrocar