Canadair Challenger

Based on a rough design concept purchased from Learjet in the 1970s, the highly successful Challenger series of business jets first flew November 8, 1978 and has proliferated both as a business jet and, in stretched format, as the Canadair Regional Jet small airliner.  The Challenger was initially distinguished from other business jets on the market by its large diameter fuselage, which allowed for roomy seating and for passengers to move about the cabin without stooping.  The jet also featured other characteristics more commonly associated with airliners than with business jets, which made it uniquely adaptable to the “regional jet” role when the evolving airline hub-and-spoke system created a demand for ever-smaller airliners.


This 2005 Challenger is owned by a Connecticut investment company.


This 2010 Challenger, serial 20302, is owned by its manufacturer, Bombardier Aerospace.


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