Canadair and Bombardier

Canadair Ltd. was a Canadian aircraft manufacturer that began by license-manufacturing or modifying aircraft and components during World War II but eventually produced its own designs.  Canadair was based at the Cartierville Airport in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, near Montreal.  It began as Canadian Vickers, manufacturing the Canso version of the Consolidated PBY amphibian, and proceeded after World War II to license-build the Douglas DC-4, Lockheed T-33 and North American F-86, all with engines obtained from Britain or Canada that offered performance improvements on the American originals. It also created new aircraft, including the successful CL-215/415 forest fire fighting aircraft and the Challenger line of business jets.  From 1952 to 1976, Canadair was an American-owned subsidiary of General Dynamics.  From 1976 to 1986, the company was repatriated and nationalized, owned by the Canadian government.  It then became the aerospace unit of Bombardier, which continues to produce business jets and small airliners based on the Challenger design created during the Canadair days.  In September 2013, Bombardier first flew its CS100 prototype 100-to-150-seat jetliner in Montreal, the company’s first jetliner not developed from a business jet.



Challenger business jets

Canadair Regional jet