Canadian Warplane Heritage

Canadian Warplane Heritage is a privately owned collection of flyable World War II aircraft located near Hamilton, Ontario.  Started in the early 1970s by a group of local businessmen including Dennis Bradley and Alan Ness, CWH has been the largest collection of operating Canadian vintage warplanes since that time.  Over the years, its significant accomplishments have included bringing a Hawker Hurricane to Canada in the late 1980s and the restoration and operation of a Fairey Firefly, Avro Lancaster, and Westland Lysander — each one of only two or three of its type still flying.  CWH’s next expected triumph will be the return of a Bristol Bolingbroke to the air.

CWH specializes in aircraft operated by Canadians and painted in the markings of Canadian aircrews.  Besides its fleet of several World War II aircraft, the CWH operates a museum with several postwar aircraft on static display.

CWH aircraft appear at airshows throughout eastern Canada and the adjacent areas of the United States.  CWH frequently cooperates with Canada’s other major flying World War II collection, Vintage Wings of Canada, in airshows and other events.  CWH sponsors an airshow in Hamilton in June of most years.

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