Cessna Aircraft Co.

Airplane designer Clyde Cessna (1879-1954) started the Cessna company in Wichita, Kansas, in 1927, having left the Travel Air organization.  With an intermission between 1931 and 1934 when the company closed because of the economic depression, Cessna has produced airplanes ever since.  It is currently part of the Textron aerospace conglomerate having first lost its independent status in 1985 when purchased by General Dynamics.  Cessna has produced light personal aircraft, small commercial and utility planes, business jets, military trainers and observation planes over the course of its history.  Its products include the most-produced aircraft in history, the Cessna 172.



120 and 140

O-1 Bird Dog

150 and 152


172 Skyhawk

180 and 185

190 and 195

210 Centurion

310 and 320

337 Skymaster

T-37 and A-37

414 Chancellor