Challenged to Build a Hurricane

Seattle-based lawyer, modeler, blogger and airplane-looker Jim Bates, a/k/a A Scale Canadian, wants to drag me into his Battle of the Barristers with a couple of other lawyer/modeler/blogger/airplane-lookers.  I don’t know either of the other battlers, but I’m sure they’re nice fellows; after all they’re lawyers, right?  The challenge is to build Airfix’s 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I by the end of 2015.  Oddly, there is no apparent competitive dimension to this “battle” of the kind you’d expect from lawyers, such as who can build it first, the most times, the most obnoxiously, or with the expenditure of the most money (preferably someone else’s).  Despite that, I suppose I’m in.

Airfix Hurricane

I’ll be building mine as L1669 flown by Canadian Air Commodore Raymond Collishaw in North Africa early in World War II.  I’ll be using an old IPMS Canada decal sheet of Canadian Aces and a tropical filter from a Heller kit.