Bombardier CRJ

The Bombardier CRJ (short for Canadair Regional jet) series is a family of business and small regional commercial jets.  The line is stretched from the Challenger 600, the first business jet project of Bombardier (then Canadair), which first flew November 8, 1978.


Operated at the time of the photo by Air Canada’s Jazz service, this CRJ is serial 7096.

CL-600 N428AW

Serving with US Airways Express at the time of the photo, N428AW is a 2002 CL-600-2B19, serial 7695.

CL-600 N505AE

Serial 10053 is a 2002 CL-600-2C10 with American Eagle.

CL-600 N506AE

This 2002 CL-600-2C10 is serial 10056, and is registered N506AE with American Eagle.

CL-600 N355CA

Operated by a Delta feeder airline, serial 10067, a 2002 CL-600-2C10, is shown at dusk at La Guardia.

CL-600 N712EV

Serial 10074, made in 2002, is a CRJ-700 serving with Delta Connection.

CL-600 N510AE

Built in 2003, this American Eagle Cl-600-2C10 is serial 10105. 

CL-600 N512AE

In spiffy new American Airlines paint in 2014, this CL-600-2C10 is serial 10110.

CL-600 N515MJ

This CRJ is a CL-600-2C10 built in 2003, serial 10117, with United Express.

CL-600 N8921B

Here is a 2004 CL-600-2B19 operated by a Delta feeder airline.

CL-600 N744EV

N744EV is a CRJ-701, serial 10157, operating with Delta.

CL-600 N743SK

Serial 10199 is a 2005 CRJ-700 with United Express.

CL-600 N542EA

CRJ serial 10321 is a CL-600-2C10 with American Eagle. 

CL-600 N917XJ

Delta Connection operates serial 15155, a CRJ-900. 

CL-600 N133EV

This CRJ-900 operates with Delta Commuter. 

CL-600 N228PQ

N228PQ is a CRJ-900 operating with a Delta Airlines commuter affiliate.  It is serial 15228.

CL-600 N8942A

Serial 7942 is a CRJ-200ER operating with Delta. 


This 2004 CRJ-200LR is operated by Air Canada Jazz.  It is serial 7983.  Here, it taxis at La Guardia with the picturesque Rikers Island prison complex providing the backdrop.


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