Epic Aircraft

Epic Aircraft is a Russian-owned, Oregon based manufacturer of high-end homebuilt and certificated personal and light business aircraft.  Founded in 2004, it has been in almost continuous legal trouble throughout its existence.  Its main product is the E1000 turboprop 6-place aircraft which has been available as a homebuilt kit called the Epic LT (of which approximately 50 have been completed) and currently is in the process of being certified for production.  Epic has also produced small numbers of turbojet-powered aircraft.

Epic went bankrupt in 2009 amid allegations of financial irregularities and its assets were purchased by a Chinese government-owned company.  In turn, this company sold Epic to a Russian buyer in 2012.  Epic’s CEO was arrested on fraud charges in March 2015 and as of this writing is in federal custody awaiting trial, while the company continues to take orders for new aircraft.

Epic LT N454RM

A Nebraska company owns this 2007-built Epic LT.