Fairchild Aircraft Corp.

Sherman Fairchild (1896-1971) founded the Fairchild Aircraft Corp. in 1921, headquartered in Farmingdale, New York.  It actually started producing aircraft only in 1927, including planes of its own design and planes inherited from the Kreider-Reisner company, a maker of light general purpose aircraft whose assets Fairchild acquired in 1929.

Fairchild produced highly regarded light aircraft and bush planes in the 1930s, and an important series of primary trainer aircraft during World War II.  After the war, Fairchild produced military transports and, after acquiring Republic in 1965, the A-10 attack aircraft.  Fairchild ceased manufacturing aircraft in 1984.  Following a series of acquisitions, it ceased to be recognizable as a separate corporation during the 1990s.



Model 71

Model 22

Model 24

PT-19, 23 and 26

C-82 Packet

C-119 Flying Boxcar

C-123 Provider

A-10 Thunderbolt II