Lance Neibauer was a graphic designer who created one of the first, most successful, and most beautiful homebuilt composite aircraft series of the 1980s, when homebuilt aircraft made of fiberglass and related composites were beginning to become popular.  He started the Lancair company in 1981 to market kits of his designs.  Characterized by highly streamlined lines with many compound curves that would be difficult to render in an amateur-built plane made of any other material, the swoopy Lancairs targeted the high end of the market and featured luxury appointments and high performance.  About 2,000 Lancair kits were produced of two basic models, the original two-seater and a scaled-up four-seater.  The high-end Lancairs feature options like pressurization and turboprop engines that make them comparable to small business aircraft.

In the 1990s, Neibauer decided to attempt to produce a fully certificated airplane and sold off the homebuilt kit part of the business.  The kit-plane business is still called Lancair and is still producing and supporting kits.  The new company, called Columbia Aircraft, did not do as well and after a bankruptcy, was acquired by Cessna in 2007.  Cessna still markets a couple of the Lancair/Columbia models under its own nameplate.

Lancair 200/235/320/Legacy

The original 1981 2-seat Lancair design evolved through several models with a numerical designation indicating the displacement of the engine used.  An updated version is still available as the Lancair Legacy.

Lancair N694RS

With a Utah owner, this Lancair is listed as a “235/320” model.

Lancair IV

The Lancair IV is an enlarged 4-seat airplane with the same general shape as Lancair’s earlier 2-seaters.  Kits were manufactured until 2012, with approximately 350 kits issued and about 250 completed to date.  Lancair IVs can be fitted with either piston engines or turboprops.

Lancair IV-P N808AS

This 1999 Lancair is registered to a Delaware corporation.

Lancair IV-PT N750CG

Listed to Lancair Leasing, this Lancair IV may be employed as a company demonstrator.