Lime Rock Historics 3: Alfa Romeo

Lime Rock this year was a great event for fans of the classic Alfa Romeo marque.

Two amazing prewar Alfa racers dominated the pre-1940 class in the races I saw.  The eldest was this 1932 Alfa P2B owned by collector Peter Giddings.

It was edged out in the racing by Peter Greenfield’s 1935 Alfa 8C. Both owners ran their cars for real, and didn’t give many of the other participants in this class, most of whom were running cars with smaller engines, much of an opening. The Ferrari badges worn on both cars reflect the fact that Enzo Ferrari started as a racing team operator/driver before he began building his own cars.

Here are some beautiful Alfas from 1959 and 1960. I believe these cars are all Giulietta models.