Max Holste

Max Holste (1913-98) was a French Aircraft designer who founded his self-named aircraft company in the early 1930s in Reims, France.  In 1962 the company became known as Reims Aviation. The company created and license-produced a number of aircraft types, dissolving in 2014.

While still called Max Holste, it created its one quite successful product, the M.H.1521 Broussard.  This was a short-takeoff-and-landing observation and utility aircraft first flown in 1952.  A total of 396 were built, primarily for military use, but also for some civil applications.  Besides France, the Broussard served the air forces of about a dozen other countries, mostly developing nations that appreciated the plane’s versatility, economy and ability to tolerate primitive conditions.  The word “broussard” means “bushman.”

M.H.1521 N118MH

This Broussard is under restoration in Sonoma, California.