The Mitsubishi group is a very large and diverse multinational industrial conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  It began as a shipping firm in 1870 and by the time aviation got going in Japan, it already had diversified into mining, shipbuilding, insurance, banking, steel milling and other industries.

Jiro Horikoshi (1903-82) was a gifted aviation designer who went to work for Mitsubishi in the early 1930s and led the creation of many military and civilian aircraft through the end of World War II.  Mitsubishi furnished the Japanese armed forces with many of its major fighter, bomber and reconnaissance aircraft types during the war, including the famous A6M “Zero” fighter.  Horikoshi continued to be influential in Japanese aviation circles as the industry revived in the 1960s.

The Mitsubishi company returned to aircraft production in the 1980s, license-building western designs, and currently makes a regional jet airliner.

A6M Zero