Musee Air et Espace

France’s national air museum, the Musee Air et Espace (formerly the Musee de l’Air) is one of the most spectacular national aviation collections.  Located near Paris at the historic Le Bourget airfield, where Charles Lindbergh concluded his epic 1927 transatlantic flight, the museum (opened in 1919) was one of the first aviation-specific museums, which enabled it to assemble the world’s finest collection of pioneer era (pre-1914) aircraft.  It also features an exceptional collection of original World War I aeroplanes from both sides of the conflict, and a comprehensive group of France’s innovative postwar military aircraft.  If the collection has a soft area it is World War II, partly because of a devastating 1990 fire that destroyed many of its assets from this era.  However, it has been patiently acquiring restorable Second World War airframes and will eventually have a strong display of these types.


See the MAeE’s web site here.