North American F-107

North American developed the F-107 from the F-100 Super Sabre, with which it shared a similar wing.  Where the F-100 was the first operational fighter to exceed the speed of sound in level flight, this new machine was to exceed twice that speed.  It built three prototypes, which demonstrated impressive performance but ultimately did not earn a contract from the USAF, which filled its needs with Republic’s F-105 for ground attack duties and Convair’s F-106 for interception.  The first aircraft flew September 10, 1956 and the prototypes flew as test beds for just a few years.

Two of the three F-107s built have survived and are on public display.  They are attention-getters because of their size, unusual configuration with the engine air intake mounted on top, and North American’s flashy factory paint scheme.

YF-107A 55-5118

The first F-107 is displayed at the Pima Air Museum.

YF-107A 55-5119

The other survivor is at the National Museum of the USAF.


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