Pfalz Flugzeugwerke was founded in 1913 by the brothers Alfred and Ernst Eversbusch and Ernst’s brother-in-law Willy Sabersky-Mussigbrodt.  The company was named Pfalz after its location, in what in English is called the Palatinate, in southwestern Germany.  Pfalz license-built several designs by other manufacturers early in the war, but during the course of the war produced several original fighter designs, two of which, the D.III and D.XII, were produced in sufficient numbers to earn the company a place in aviation history.  Pfalz vanished at the end of the war when France occupied the region where it was based.  Its factories were used during World War II by Heinkel, and in recent years the name Pfalz has been revived.  The company now performs maintenance on helicopters.