Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft Inc. was founded by William T. Piper, an oil entrepreneur with no aircraft design experience, in 1937.  Previously, Piper had been an investor and executive in the Taylor Aircraft Company founded by designer C. G. Taylor, whose designs the firm produced.  After forcing Taylor out of the company following a bankruptcy in 1935, Piper’s engineers adapted Taylor’s design into the famous Piper Cub, launching Piper on a path to becoming one of America’s three dominant general aviation manufacturers.  Piper built military liaison aircraft during the war, then a series of metal 1- and 2-engined light aircraft, almost all named after native American tribes.  After a series of financial problems during the early 21st century, Piper was acquired in 2011 by the government of Brunei.

J-2 Cub

J-3 Cub

J-4 Cub Coupe

J-5 Cub Cruiser



PA-18 Super Cub

Pacer and Tri-Pacer

PA-23 Apache

PA-24 Comanche

PA-25 Pawnee


PA-38 Tomahawk

PA-48 Enforcer