Republic RC-3 Seabee

The RC-3 was an amphibious sport aircraft designed at the end of World War II and first flown December 1, 1945.  Republic acquired the design from Percival Spencer, who had worked as one of Republic’s P-47 test pilots during World War II, and marketed it as a sport aircraft to returning servicemen.  The aircraft proved popular and 1,060 of them were built, even though production ended in 1947; they continue to have a thriving following among present-day owners.  They found success as bush aircraft in the northern U.S. and Canada and saw limited military service with a few nations.


This Seabee was built up by a Canadian, E. B. Robinson, and licensed as “Robinson Special” serial number 3.  Since it was built in 2009, it has logged flights in the Arctic.  It was formerly registered C-FZYL.


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