Republic Aviation Corp. and Seversky Aircraft Co.

The Seversky Aircraft Company was founded in 1931 by Russian emigre Alexander de Seversky (1894-1974).  It produced one significant fighter design, the P-35, and related export and trainer variants.  In 1939 Seversky was forced out of the company by its board of directors, which renamed it the Republic Aviation Corp.  Republic was acquired by Fairchild Hiller in 1965, but it continued to have an independent identity as a division of Fairchild Republic.  In 1987 Fairchild closed the division and, in a wanton act of historical desecration, destroyed the Republic company’s archives, including the blueprints and plans for the aircraft pictured here.  The Fairchild Corporation still exists, but has ceased to be a factor in the aerospace business.

Republic was based in Farmingdale, New York, an an airport which still exists.  Part of the Republic factory site is currently the home of the American Airpower Museum, which, among other aircraft, flies a Republic P-47 and displays a static example of the Republic F-105.


P-47 Thunderbolt

JB-2 Loon




F-105 Thunderchief

A-10 Thunderbolt II