Ryan Aeronautical Co.

Founded in San Diego, California, in 1926 by Tubal Claude Ryan, the Ryan Aeronautical Company, originally called Ryan Airlines, manufactured mail-carrying and passenger touring aircraft in the 1920s and military trainers in the 1930s.  During and after World War II, Ryan built innovative prototypes of various military aircraft, but failed to win any major production contracts.  It undertook manufacture of North American’s Navion in the late 1940s, having purchased the design, and branched into component manufacture, avionics, and non-aviation products.  Ryan ceased to exist independently in 1968, when it was purchased by Teledyne, which in turn was acquired in 1999 by Northrop Grumman.


NYP and Brougham

ST and PT-22

FR Fireball


X-13 Vertijet