Shenyang Aircraft Corp.

Shenyang Aircraft Corp. is a division of China’s state aircraft manufacturing enterprise located in Shenyang, a city of some 8 million people that is the capital of northeastern China’s Liaoning province.  Shenyang was organized in 1953 and has concentrated on jet fighter aircraft.  Its projects have included the JJ-2 (license-built two-seat MiG-15UTI), J-5 (license-built MiG-17), J-6 (license-built MiG-19), early J-7s (unauthorized copies of the MiG-21), the J-8 original fighter design, and J-11 (Sukhoi Su-27 copy).

JJ-2 (MiG-15UTI)

J-5 (MiG-17)

J-6 (MiG-19)

J-7 (MiG-21)