SIAI-Marchetti SF.260

The SF.260 trainer was SIAI-Marchetti’s most successful postwar aircraft.  First flown July 15, 1964, the SF.260 is a great-looking, high performance side-by-side two seater that attained popularity with air forces around the world as a trainer and as a low-cost counter-insurgency attack plane.  About 30 countries used the SF.260, and a few of them are still in military service with countries such as Chad, Libya and the Philippines.

The SF.260 is popular with civilian sport pilots who have managed to acquire about 200 of the total of 860 SF.260s produced.  They are flown in aerobatic displays and are popular with companies that offer “be a fighter pilot for a day” type experiences.

SF.260D N406FD

This SF.260, serial 771 built in 1990, is with an American private owner in Michigan.  It is painted in Belgian Air Force training colors.


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