Stinson Aircraft Company

Alabama-born pilot and aircraft company entrepreneur Edward Stinson (1893-1932) founded the Stinson Aircraft Company in Dayton, Ohio, in 1920.  It moved to Detroit, Michigan, in 1925, and afterwards was closely associated with that city.  Stinson set up shop on the site of what today is the Metropolitan Detroit-Wayne County Airport and survived until it was bought by Piper in 1950, 18 years after Stinson himself had perished in a plane crash.

Stinson was known for its light-to-medium-sized transport planes in the late 1920s and 1930s.  One of Stinson’s smaller designs carried it through the war when it was ordered as a liaison aircraft by the Army Air Forces.  Stinsons were beefy, well-built planes, rugged and practical yet stylish.  Showing up in a Stinson is as classy at an antique fly-in today as it was at a business meeting in the 1930s.

SM-1 Detroiter

SM-2 Junior

Model A


SR Reliant

105 Voyager

L-5 Sentinel

Model 108