Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO)

TEMCO was a company started by two former North American Aviation executives, Robert McCulloch and H. L. Howard, shortly after World War II.  The intention was to keep the now idle North American Dallas plant active in aircraft component and subsystem manufacturing.  The company lasted until 1961, when it merged with Vought to form the Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) conglomerate.  A vestige of TEMCO still exists as a division of Raytheon.

Besides component manufacturing, TEMCO produced a few types of complete aircraft.  It acquired the rights to the Swift light aircraft from the defunct Globe company, produced improved versions of the Swift, and developed it into the unsuccessful T-35 trainer.  It also designed a jet trainer, the Pinto, which was not accepted by the USAF but was sold in small numbers to the Navy as the TT-1.

T-35 Buckaroo

TT-1 Pinto