The Photographers

F-80 21 01 200x

Dick Kamm with “his” Lockheed F-80 in Germany, 1948.

Richard W. Kamm (1928-2006) was born in Vancouver, Canada, and held dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship because his father was American.  Dick moved to the U.S. to join the U.S. Air Force in 1947 and enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an aviation mechanic, engineer and instructor.  He was part of the first generation of crew chiefs on jet fighters, toured Europe with the Skyblazers display team — predecessor of today’s Thunderbirds — and served as flight engineer, navigator and bombardier on the last generations of piston-engined strategic bombers and the first generation of jet bombers.  Later a Professor of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Parks College, St. Louis University, Dick traveled widely to see and photograph aircraft both for work and recreation.  He left behind many thousands of photos from his earliest days in the military through his final airshow season in 2005.  Preserving and sharing those images is the main reason for this website.

F-80 21 01 200x


August T. Horvath is from Windsor, Canada, and also lives in the United States.  August and Dick met in 1980 at the Oshkosh fly-in, which was also when August began photographing airplanes.  An antitrust and false-advertising lawyer in New York city, August shoots aviation and non-aviation subjects in his spare time and is webmaster of this site.  His interests include tinkering and shooting with antique 35mm and 120 rollfilm cameras, which he still uses alongside digital equipment to make many of the photos that continue to appear on this site.  His photographic influences include aviation photographer Phil Makanna and Canadian nature photographer Freeman Patterson.