This Site

This site is intended to inform, educate and entertain anyone interested in aircraft and aviation — old or new, civilian or military.  It brings together the large photographic collection left by Richard W. Kamm, with a more modest addition by the webmaster, with information not normally found on buff-oriented websites or general-interest sites such as wikipedia.

The text descriptions of the airplanes on this site are in the nature of commentary.  Basic factual histories of almost all of the aircraft covered on this site are available from many places, so you will not find a lot of dimensions, horsepower or performance figures here.  I try to include interesting facts not explained in these other sources, with a little opinion mixed in.  In researching and writing the text of this site I asked myself what someone interested in but not obsessed with airplanes and their history would want to know upon seeing an unusual airplane:  Where (as exactly as possible) was it built?  What is or was special about it?  Who designed it?  If it is historic, how many survive, and how did they happen to be preserved?  Where can I see one?  I hope that I’ve provided some answers, as well as some images, that even the buffs have not seen or thought about before.

This site is also a way of making a trove of aviation images available to researchers, writers, museum personnel, publishers and others.  If you are such a such a person and see an image that you need or can use, or wonder if I have more of the same kind, please contact me at the link provided at the bottom of every page of this site.  If you are a regular enthusiast and are interested in having any type of product made out of a photo on this site, such as an enlargement, coffee mug, smartphone case, mouse pad, or whatever, shoot me an e-mail.  Chances are we’ll be able to work something out.

Publication Credits

Here are some of the authors and researchers who have used images from this site.

Dan Hagedorn & Dan Hagedorn Jr., The Douglas B-18 and B-23: America’s Forsaken Warriors (Crecy 2015) uses images from the Douglas B-18 and B-23 pages.

Przemyslaw Skulski, North American A-36A Apache (MMP 2011) uses several images from the P-51 Mustang page.