Van’s Aircraft

Richard VanGrunsven began marketing kits for homebuilders to make their own all-metal personal airplanes in 1973.  The initial, single-seat RV-3 model was joined by the two-seat (tandem) RV-4 and (side-by-side) RV-6, then the four-set RV-10, each of which has been approved in successive versions.  All RV models are made of sheet aluminum, with manufacturer-supplied canopies, cowlings and fairings made from fiberglass constituting the compound-curved components.  They survived the onslaught of composite material kit planes in the 1980s and 1990s to become a sales success, with over 8,000 aircraft completed.  The RV series’s ease of construction, good looks, performance and good flying qualities have made it a continuing success, with thousands currently still under construction and new models currently under development.