Varga Kachina

The Varga Kachina started life as the Morrisey 1000C, a wood structure two-seat trainer designed by W. J. Morrisey in 1948.  Morrisey began producing a metal version of the plane in 1958, then sold the design to a company called Shinn, which produced it until 1962.  In 1967 the design was revived by the Varga Aircraft Corp., started by George Varga, which produced it until 1982.  Despite this history of names and ownership, the plane is known as the Varga Kachina (named after a spirit worshipped by the Hopi and other Pueblo Indians of the American southwest).  Over 100 Kachinas were built, and they remain a respected classic among American enthusiasts.


This 1979 Kachina is with an Illinois owner.