Vickers and Vickers-Armstrong

Vickers Limited was an arms manufacturing company founded in 1828 by Edward Vickers.  It entered aircraft manufacturing in 1911 and produced airships and airplanes during World War I.  In 1927, Vickers merged with Armstrong-Whitworth, another arms company that had produced airplanes during World War I, to form Vickers-Armstrong Limited.  In 1928, Vickers-Armstrong acquired Supermarine, producers of waterborne aircraft and, later, a series of fighters beginning with the Spitfire.  The company produced airplanes separately under the Vikers, Armstrong-Whitworth, and Supermarine brands for the rest of its existence.

In 1960, Vickers-Armstrong merged with English Electric, Bristol and Hunting to form the British Aircraft Corporation, eliminating the separate identities of the merging firms.