Vultee Aircraft Corp.

Vultee Aircraft Corp. was founded in 1932 as Airplane Development Corp. by Gerard Vultee and Vance Breeze.  After successive acquisitions by the Cord auto company and the Aviation Manufacturing Corp., Vultee became an independent company in 1939.  The company existed until 1943, when it was absorbed into Consolidated to create the Consolidated Vultee or Convair company.

Vultee’s main plant was located at Lakewood Blvd. and Alameda St. in Downey, California.  The plant building still existed as a warehouse until it was torn down in 2014.

Vultee’s main products were the technically advanced but only modestly successful V-1 executive transport and light airliner and the BT-13 series of military trainers build during World War II.  Vultee also built limited numbers of fighter and light bomber aircraft, but these were conservatively designed and generally unsuccessful.


BT-13 Valiant