Waco 10

First flown in 1927, the OX-5 powered Model 10 was a small three-seat biplane that used World War I surplus engines from Curtiss JN-4s, achieved respectable performance and were attractive and easy to fly.  The Waco 10 was retrospectively designated the Waco GXE after the company’s naming system changed.  It was phased out fairly quickly after 1928, when newer and better engines became available and supplies of the old OX-5 ran short, but the Waco 10 airframe served as the basis for the company’s next several open-cockpit biplane designs.


Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome has Waco 10 serial 751, which used to hop rides frequently from the aerodrome. 

GXE N47248

This 1928 Waco GXE, serial 1315, is exhibited at the Yanks Air Museum.


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