Waco Aircraft Co.

Founded in Ohio in 1920 by George Weaver and his partners, the Weaver Aircraft Company, which soon changed its name to the Waco Aircraft Company, produced a variety of aircraft until it was wound down in 1947.  Most Wacos were single-engined, 2- to 5-seat biplanes used for business and pleasure travel.  Wacos achieved a notable reputation for sound design, good flying qualities, and abundant character.  Many still fly with private owners and collections.

Waco types initially were designated with simple model numbers, but after the first few models, this changed to a system of three letters followed by a dash and a number.  The first letter stood for the engine installed, the second for the specific model, and the third for general configuration.  The meaning of the suffix number, if any, changed over time.  Many models of Waco were built in quite small numbers, so there are some obscure Waco designations for the enthusiast to learn.

In 1983, a company called Waco Classic Aircraft began building new replicas of one Waco design, the YMF, with many modern improvements to its systems.  These aircraft are included here although their builder is not affiliated with the original Waco company.

Waco 9

Waco 10

TO Taperwing

Standard Cabin series

Custom Cabin series

MF series

PF series

RE series

CG-4 glider

Waco Classic YMF