Waco PF Series

The Waco UPF, YPF and ZPF were some of the last open-cockpit biplanes produced by Waco.  One version, the UPF-7, was produced in especially large numbers for the U.S. Civilian Pilot Training Program before and during World War II, and is one of the most common variants of original Waco flying today.  These aircraft were smaller than previous Waco biplanes and achieved similar performance with less powerful engines.  Most of them were three-seat open cockpit airplanes with two seats side-by-side in the front and a single pilot’s seat in the rear, with the controls.  However, the UPF-7 aircraft built as trainers were two-seaters with controls in both cockpits.  Some PFs had their cockpits faired over with a closed cockpit, favored by business executives for corporate transports.

UPF-7 N29303

This 1949 UPF-7 is beautifully maintained by an owner in upstate New York.

UPF-7 N29328

This 1940 UPF-7 is with a Montana owner.


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