Waco TO Taperwing

The Waco ATO and CTO Taperwing models were built in the late 1920s and are considered one of the most desired Waco models by today’s collectors.  As the name implies, both the top and bottom wings tapered toward the tips, compared with almost all other Wacos which had parallel leading and trailing edges for a constant chord.  The result was an agile airplane favored for aerobatics.

CTO N8517

This CTO is listed as a 2012 model, remanufactured by current owner Rare Airplanes Ltd. of Minnesota.

Pietsch Jet Waco Taperwing N32KP “Screamin’ Sasquatch”

Built (or rebuilt) in 2013, this specialized airshow aircraft flown by John Klatt claims to be based on a 1929 Waco Taperwing.  It consists of a Taperwing with a CJ610 business jet engine strapped to the bottom of the fuselage, the cockpit relocated aft, structural strengthening, an enlarged radial engine and aerodynamic modifications.  It is flown in an aerobatic routine consisting of traditional aerobatic maneuvers plus enhanced vertical maneuvers enabled by the extra power from the jet engine. 


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